Cell-ebrate Wearable Cell Model


After students have been introduced to cells and their organelles, observed life in a drop of water under a microscope, or learned the stages of mitosis, “Cell-ebrate Science” with your students by creating wearable cell models.  Our “Cell-ebrate Science” design features cell lettering across the top, a microscope at the bottom, and plenty of room for students to paint individualized cell models. Each fashion will be a unique creation that might: feature a plant or animal cell with parts labeled; be swimming with paramecium, euglenas, or amoebas; or even highlight the stages of cell mitosis.

See resources, songs and teacher instructions below.

Check out our step-by-step video on how simple it is to design a Cell-ebrate Science T-shirt!  While many of the steps are similar, this video shows how to make an individual shirt.  For instructions on how to design wearables for your entire class, see the resources above.

Resources and Instructions


“Cell-ebrate Science” Fashion Show

• Let students invite parents, teachers, and others -like your local newspaper reporter!

• Clear an aisle in your room roll out the red carpet (red bulletin board paper) with a big cell drawn at the point you want the model to stop and turn for the photographer!  You may want to video tape as well.  Have a couple of your out-going students take turns playing the role of “Master of Ceremony”.