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In-Class Wearable Science Projects for Students

About ScienceWear Projects

Enhance lessons with one of 6 templated t-shirts or aprons projects.

Elements of the periodic table: Atomic Attire>

Human anatomy: Guts>

Moon phases: Lunar Cycle>

Safety or Review: Science Tuxedo>

Cycles – Life, Rock ,Water: Science Making Connections>

Cells and their organelles: Cell-ebrate Science>

Wearable Lessons

Turn your lessons into something fun and memorable with these wearable science projects. ScienceWear reinforces science-essential knowledge and skills in a creative way that’s perfect for kinesthetic learners and fun for all students.

Hassle-Free Projects

ScienceWear projects are a great way to engage students in the classroom, while also ridding parents of “project material” stress. From the Human Body Olympics to the Cell-ebrate Science Fashion Show, these are fun lessons your class won’t soon forget.

Projects You Can Keep

Unlike other projects, you don’t have to deal with disposing or discarding them. Students will want to hang on to them throughout the year, and sometimes even the next! This is a great way to capture a fun experience and put it into something they can keep.