Lab Coats by Jody

Lab Coats by Jody


Thank you for your interest in my personalized, one-of-a-kind, illustrated lab coats. I have illustrated hundreds of lab coats and aprons and am proud of my 100% customer satisfaction rate.
  • My work is done by hand with permanent fabric markers and fabric paint.
  • Each coat will feature twelve customized illustrations of your choice.
  • The ink from fabric markers is “heat-set” and is machine washable in cold water.
  • Because each coat is customized and personalized the payment is made at the time of order
  • Time to complete depends on demand.
  • After payment is received, we will plan the illustrations together. This is the FUN PART where you share your ideas of what you would like to see represented on your coat. The more you share with me, the more unique my suggestions for illustrations!
  • Though lab coats are somewhat forgiving in size, it is very important to select correct size.  See size charts in description below.
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Available in Wonder Wink (women’s cut) and RedKap (unisex) lab coats for illustrating.

Wonder Wink Guide
Below are sample questions about illustrations we will go over once you order. Answers help me make suggestions and build a file of images I can send to them for any edits.
Sample QUESTIONS for Educators- Answer only the questions for which you would like a possible image representation on your coat!
· How do your students address you? (Your name as you want it to appear on the coat)
· Would you like any logos for your school or professional organizations on your coat?
· What grade level(s)/subjects do you teach?
· Do you have a favorite demo or class activity?
· Do you have a particular “thing” for which you are known? Examples: Caffeine addict? Randomly bursts into song in class? Sponsor any clubs or activities? Class Call-out? …You get the idea.
· Do you have a special skill/hidden talent?
· Is there a particular quote or saying that “speaks” to you?
· Is there something unique about your class that students will never forget?
· Would you like any personal hobbies represented on your coat?
· Do you have a career highlight or proudest accomplishment?
· Would you like a school mascot or pet represented on your coat?
· Do you have a favorite cartoon character, personal Bitmoji or Avatar that might be suitable to work into the illustrations?
· What’s one thing that can instantly make your day better?
· What causes are you passionate about?
· Feel free to share anything else that might help me come up with ideas that are uniquely you and/or send me any of your own images you would like me to consider.
I look forward to working with you.
Jody Hodges
Lab Coat Size



Red Kap, Wonder Wink

Illustration Amt.

1 Side – $150, Both Sides – $250