Science Making Connections

This versatile Science Making Connections design is an excellent wearable project choice for an authentic assessment of a student’s knowledge of a particular cycle.  It would be great for illustrating any numbers of cycles including: life cycles, food webs, rock cycle, metamorphosis, water cycle, photosynthesis, carbon cycle, and more.


The fabric is pre-screened with Science Making Connections in a circular design, allowing ten inches of space in the center for student illustrations.  Students draw and perfect their art on a plan sheet first and turn in to the teacher for approval.  Once the art work is returned, students trace their cycle onto the fabric with a permanent marker.  *Sharpie permanent markers and/or fabric paint pens can be used to color and label.  Each wearable depicts the lesson in the student’s own unique style.  Clip art images can be provided for tracing for younger or students who claim to be “artistically-challenged”.  Learn all about making your very own Science Making Connections design here.

A versatile design that can be used to show anything

such as:

The Food Wed, Photosynthesis, Nitrogen Cycle, Water Cycle, Rock Cycle, Life Cycle, and more!


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Check out our time lapse how to video for Science Making Connections.

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