Cell-ebrate Science

After students have been introduced to cells and their organelles, observed life in a drop of water under a microscope, or learned the stages of mitosis, "Cell-ebrate Science" with your students by creating wearable cell models.  Our “Cell-ebrate Science” design features cell lettering across the top, a microscope at the bottom, and plenty of room for students to paint individualized cell models. Each fashion will be a unique creation that might: feature a plant or animal cell with parts labeled; be swimming with paramecium, euglenas, or amoebas; or even highlight the stages of cell mitosis.


ExploringNature.org is an excellent source for helping your students draw cell models and organelles. Teach the words to Single Cells or The Mitosis Song so your class can sing while they paint.


I have included project organization and other resources for your review. Email  HodgeScience@yahoo.com if you have any questions.




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Check out our latest step-by-step video on how simple it is to design a Cell-ebrate Science T-shirt!

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