“Atomic Attire” Project Organization

Send home a letter to parents in advance of your “atomic attire” project start to allow time to collect money for the wearable (apron, shirt, or lab coat).



Download the PDF order form and fax to (817) 332-0000 or call Sports Wear Graphics at (817) 870-9900 to place an order. SWG can email you an invoice.  Sports Wear Graphics is the sole provider of ScienceWear designs and an approved vendor in numerous school districts.  A sole source document is available here should you need to provide to your purchasing department.



Teaching in a Low Socio-Economic Status School District

Personal testimony - In the years that I have done this, in school districts designated with a high percentage of low socio-economic disadvantaged, I have never had trouble collecting $5 for the cost of the shirt.  Some schools charge $6/shirt and use the extra dollar to pay for paint and brushes or to make up the difference for those who are financially unable to pay.


After introducing elements and you feel confident your students know how to interpret information on a Periodic Table, pass out ScienceWear Atomic Attire research project description to generate excitement for the project. Go over the expectations.  You might even want to model your own lab coat or apron that you designed!

Have an Atomic Attire Fashion Show

Want your class to take this to the next level???? (Additional time required)


• Let students invite parents, teachers, and others who may be interested in attending.

• Clear an aisle in your room and make a runway out of red bulletin board paper with a big atom drawn where the model needs to stop and turn for the photographers and audience!

• The designer is at the podium reading the narrative on the attire as the model makes his/her way down the runway. Every student is photographed in their attire. You may want to video tape as well.


Click Here For Instructions!

Computer lab: Prior to going to the computer lab, cut up a periodic table into individual squares and put them in a bowl. From the bowl with the periodic table squares, have each student select *2 elements to tape to their research project description you passed out the day before.  (If you use interactive science notebooks, you probably had them put the project description in their notebook.)  Give students time to look up information on both elements before choosing one element  for the project. Students like having a choice. There are several great interactive periodic tables available such as: Jefferson Lab's Periodic Table>*Some elements do not readily lend themselves to this project as much of the required information is unavailable or unknown.


 Have each student record his/her final element choice next to their name on a printed class roster and pick up a copy of the Atomic Attire note-taking sheet to complete in the computer lab. This note taking sheet will be turned in to you.  Once a student completes the notes and has drawn a Bohr model, students will need to illustrate the properties of the element.  The remaining time in the lab can be used to seek and select images that can be printed and used as a tracing guide on the apron, shirt, or lab coat. Images can be printed and stapled to the notes.

























Letter to Parents - Atomic Attire (MS Word) >

Step-by-Step Instructions (PDF)

Atomic Attire note-taking sheet (PDF) >

Atomic Attire research project handout (PDF) >

Song  -  Atoms Family (PDF) >

 Jefferson Lab's Periodic Table>


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