Atomic Attire

“Atomic Attire” is an element research project that ends with students each creating a personalized wearable depicting properties of their element, along with an atomic model.   The Atomic Attire T-shirts and aprons for this project come with the outline of the information required.  Designing can be done with fabric markers, permanent sharpie markers*, and/or fabric paint. If aprons are created early in the year, your class will each have their own personalized apron to wear on lab days. At the end of the year students are more than happy to take their atomic attire home.  In some cases students even bring them back to wear in science class the next year!


Host an Atomic Attire Fashion Show!  Find out more in the resources.






*Note - When “painting” with sharpie permanent markers on cotton blend T-shirts, allow the ink in the sharpie to thoroughly dry. A minimum of 48 hours drying time is recommended. To set the ink, and prevent it from bleeding, place a clean white cloth over the entire design and iron over the cloth on the highest setting the fabric can handle. Be sure to iron the entire design. When you do need to wash your wearable project, wash separately in cold water on a delicate cycle.  Use only a small amount of detergent, or no detergent, if possible.  Dry immediately.


I have included project organization and other resources for your review.

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