ScienceWear offers affordable, hands-on, wearable projects to reinforce classroom science lessons. All ScienceWear designs are available on T-shirts, aprons, and lab coats. Try our teacher tested and student approved wearable projects to enhance your lessons in:

Human anatomy - Guts>

Cells and their organelles - Cell-ebrate Science>

Elements of the periodic table - Atomic Attire>

Moon phases - glow-in-the dark - Lunar Cycle>

Cyclical patterns - Science Making Connections>

General Science - Science Tuxedo>

"I have done the "Guts" shirt for the past six years and my students love them.  The new, incoming students ask, 'When are we going to do the guts shirts?' The best part is how they remember the organs and their functions.  We love this project.  Thanks for sharing."  Misty W. (Azle, TX)

Advantages of ScienceWear

• Reinforces science essential knowledge and skills

• Extends and can help assess your lessons

• Great for kinesthetic learners

• Projects are worn, sharing science lessons

• Completed in class with all students engaged

• Relieves parent of “project material” stress

• Project less likely to be discarded after teacher assessment

• FUN!

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